Piston and Piston Can

Our two-chamber piston system based on the patented ZIMA - piston. Piston cans are better known as aerosol cans, aerosols or spray. In our system the patented Zima piston completely separates from the can contents from propellant.


Sliced ZIMA piston aerosol can or spray with no upper piston design.
Above the piston there is the filling material, which is introduced through the valve opening or trough the valve itself as in conventional fillings. Below the piston, there is the blowing gas, usually simple compressed air or nitrogen which is filled by a bottom plug under pressure.

The filling operations are almost identical with BOV (Bag on Valve) systems. Therefore BOV filling equipment can be used without change in the rule.

Zima Piston Can - Aluminium Monoblock Aerosol piston can - DWI one-piece steel piston can.


The ZIMA - Dual-chamber piston system is suitable for products with low and very high viscosity. We successfully apply our system for high viscosity pastes, foams, gels, etc.. Previously known for low viscosity fluids leaks can be reliably prevented by our patented piston shape.

The sealing persists for long periods of time what many long-term tests, even over wide temperature ranges, prove it.

Benefits of ZIMA - two-chamber aerosol cans to normal single-chamber aerosol cans:

  • location independent spraying / dispensing
  • complete separation of product and propellant
  • protection of the contents against the harmful effects (eg oxidation by oxygen)
  • complete emptying of the contents
  • suitable for products with very low or very high viscosity
  • environmentally friendly propellants (simple compressed air or nitrogen)
  • less expensive than bag systems
  • perfect sealing
  • flexible fast filling technology (1'' opening)
  • used with all standard valves and spray heads

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